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Tooth-coloured fillings for a seamless smile

Restore your decayed or damaged teeth using tooth coloured fillings or dental inlays, just two of the general dental treatments available at our Crouch End dental practice.

Our fillings in a nutshell

  • Discretion guaranteed – tooth coloured fillings don’t affect the appearance of your smile

  • Preservation of natural teeth – we will always endeavour to remove as little natural tooth as possible

  • In the nick of time – fillings can prevent the needed for more extensive treatment

  • Care and comfort – keeping you calm and comfortable throughout your treatment

Duration of treatment

  • 20 minutes for one filling, longer for more

Cost of fillings

  • From £150 depending on the size of the filling

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FAQs for dental fillings

  • What happens when you get a tooth coloured filling?

    Getting a tooth coloured filling is no different to an amalgam variety. After you’ve been given local anesthetic, any decay and damaged tooth structure is removed using special tools. The area left is shaped ready to receive your new filling. Made from tooth-coloured composite, it is applied in layers with each being hardened using a special light between applications. Once the cavity has been filled, any final reshaping is completed before the tooth is polished to a high shine.

  • How much do dental fillings cost?

    Dental fillings at Crouch Hall Dental Care in Crouch End start from £110. If you require a dental filling, or fillings, your dentist will explain all your options and provide you with a full treatment plan to consider before you make any decisions.

  • Does it hurt to have a dental filling?

    We carry out most of our dental fillings under local anaesthetic. This means you will still be awake, but the area will be completely numb, and you won’t feel a thing. Before we begin, we will ensure that you are feeling relaxed and comfortable, if you have any special requests for us to help you feel at ease, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Can I change my silver fillings for tooth-coloured fillings?

    Even though they are at the back of the mouth, we know that if you have silver fillings you may feel self-conscious about people seeing them when you laugh. There is nothing wrong with having a silver filling, they can be extremely strong and long lasting, but if you would prefer a tooth-coloured filling for aesthetic reasons, we can change them for you. Speak to your dentist during your next dental check-up about changing your silver fillings. 

Invisible fillings

Fortunately, unattractive silver amalgam fillings are a thing of the past.

Most people will experience dental decay at some point during their lifetime, and a filling is the first line of treatment for this type of dental problem. At Middle Lane Dental, we offer our patients tooth-coloured fillings and inlays that provide an invisible solution, restoring the function of your teeth without compromising the appearance of your smile. Got old silver fillings that are getting you down? We can replace these with tooth-coloured alternatives too, giving you a smile that you won’t be able to help but share. 

Do I need a dental filling?

The most obvious sign of an area of decay is a dark spot or hole visible on the enamel of your teeth. However, there are other symptoms too, including:

Before you get a dental filling, we’ll first perform an x-ray to check how far the decay extends, as well as a visual examination of your tooth. This will help us to recommend the best course of treatment to restore your smile.  

Got toothache or other symptoms of decay? Schedule an appointment at Middle Lane Dental today.

Preventing future dental problems

At Middle Lane Dental, our team is dedicated to helping our patients to preserve their natural smile for as long as possible.

While fillings are an effective treatment, we can also support you in developing tooth-friendly habits and making choices that will stop dental problems from developing in the future.

What is a dental filling?

Dental fillings are used to repair cracks and cavities in order to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments – we carry out a lot of them at Middle Lane Dental. We will recommend a dental filling if we spot a crack or cavity during your dental check-up. The filling will repair the damage and prevent it from getting an worse, allowing the tooth to function as normal. 

We will usually carry out dental fillings under local anaesthetic. This means the area will be completely numb and you will be comfortable and pain free throughout the appointment. A single filling will take just 20 minutes from start to finish.

If your dentist recommends having a dental filling, it is important not to delay treatment too long. Doing so can cause additional damage to the affected tooth, meaning that we will no longer be able to treat it with a simple dental filling. Instead, we would need to consider inlays & onlays or dental crowns, which are more extensive treatments.

Don’t let decay get you down!

If you are living in Crouch End and the wider areas of Hornsey, Finsbury Park, Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Finchley, you are ideally placed to be a patient at our Middle Lane practice.

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