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Painless root canal treatment in Crouch End

Infected teeth are painful and at risk of falling out unless you choose root canal treatment at our Crouch End dental practice.

At a glance: root canal treatment 

  • Tooth-saving treatment – the only way to save a severely infected tooth from falling out or extraction

  • Painless treatment – anesthetic keeps you comfortable for the duration of your treatment

  • Avoid troubles caused by tooth loss – such as misalignment and increased risk of decay and gum disease

  • Destroy infection at the source – preventing it from travelling to other areas of the mouth and body

  • Save money – preserving natural teeth is always more affordable than replacing them

  • NHS Band 2 treatment – NHS patients only pay for band 2 treatment making root canal affordable

  • Restore strength and function – your tooth will be capped with a crown that makes it strong and useful again

Duration of treatment

  • Usually requires two appointments of around an hour each

  • An additional follow-up appointment will be used to determine whether the tooth will be capped with a filling or crown.

Cost of root canal

  • NHS band 2

  • Private root canal treatment from £390

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FAQs about root canal treatment

  • What to expect from root canal treatment?

    Root canal usually requires at least two appointments. During the first, the infected tooth is opened, and all infected material removed using special tools. Medication is placed into the root canal to kill any remaining bacteria and it is sealed to prevent reinfection. Around a week later, you’ll return to make sure that all traces of infection have been eradicated. The treatment is performed using local anesthetic, meaning that it feels no different to a standard dental filling or inlay.

  • Is there any alternative to root canal treatment?

    A severely infected tooth will almost certainly fall out or require extraction. In either case, it will need to be replaced with an artificial alternative, such as a removable denture, fixed bridge or dental implant. Preserving your natural tooth is easier and more cost effective.

  • Why do I need a crown following my root canal treatment?

    Your Middle Lane Dental dentist may recommend that you have the tooth sealed with a bespoke crown following your treatment. This is because teeth that have been treated using root canal therapy are generally weaker and more likely to break than healthy teeth. A crown protects it and helps keep it strong.

Root canal treatment: there’s nothing to fear

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation, but patients who undergo treatment are surprised to find that it really doesn’t warrant the fear it causes.

Having an infected tooth is extremely painful, so chances are that you will already be suffering severe discomfort before you even undergo treatment. Fortunately, modern root canal treatment is performed using effective local anesthetic which numbs the area while your dentist works. Once they have removed the infected root and the tooth is sealed, the source of the pain will have been dealt with, leaving you pain-free!

Symptoms of an infected tooth or abscess

Toothache is by far the most common sign of an infected tooth or abscess, and many people find that this isn’t relieved using over-the-counter pain relief or warm or cold compresses against their face.

In fact, a large percentage of patients who need a root canal end up seeking a same-day emergency appointment to help them overcome the pain that they are in. Other signs of an infected tooth or abscess include:

You may also go on to develop a high temperature if the infection isn’t treated quickly.  

If you think you may need root canal treatment, our reassuring endodontic specialists can help. Schedule an appointment at Middle Lane Dental today.

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