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Restore and rebuild with long-lasting
inlays and onlays

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Inlays and onlays at a glance

  • Call in the big guns – inlays and onlays for larger restorations

  • Prevent further damage – having an inlay or onlay will save your tooth

  • Seamless result – we use the best cosmetic dental laboratory to create our inlays and onlays for a highly aesthetic result

  • Strong and functional – your inlay or onlay will be strong enough to withstand everyday life, so you’ll never have to worry about it

  • Doubling-down – inlays and onlays restore the look and function of teeth

Duration of treatment

  • Two 20-minute appointments

Cost of Inlays & Onlays

  • Inlays and onlays from £690 each

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FAQs about inlays and onlays

  • Inlays and onlays: what are they?

    Not heard of inlays or onlays before? You aren’t alone. These are sometimes called indirect fillings because rather than being applied and moulded to suit your teeth on the day of your appointment, they are manufactured in a lab based on impressions of your teeth. Both are larger than fillings, but onlays also cover one or more of the raised corners of molars and pre-molars too. They are often used as an alternative to dental crowns where suitable. 

  • What are inlays and onlays made from?

    In the past, inlays and onlays were made from hold, but this made them very expensive as well as highly visible. Today, modern inlays and onlays are made from either porcelain or composite resin which is colour-matched to the surrounding teeth, making them much more discreet. 

  • Why choose inlays and onlays?

    There are a few reasons why dentists recommend inlays and onlays. Firstly, they are bespoke, created from digital impressions that we take using our latest 3d scanning technology. This makes sure that they fit perfectly and so feel comfortable and look discreet. Secondly, they are more stable and durable than regular fillings because they are larger. And finally, they can provide long-lasting strength and protection for your teeth. 

What are dental inlays and onlays?

If a back tooth has extensive damage that cannot be repaired with a dental filling, an inlay or onlay may be the perfect solution.

Inlays and onlays are similar, they are just used to treat different sections of the tooth. We will use an inlay to repair damage in the centre of the tooth. If the damage also affects the raised parts of the tooth, an onlay is used. Onlays are a bit bigger than inlays.
Because inlays and onlays are quite large restorations, they are made by our dental laboratory using strong materials that can withstand chewing and biting forces. They will be shade matched to ensure they fit seamlessly - no one will be able to notice them.

If your dentist recommends an inlay or onlay it is important not to delay your treatment. Doing so could mean the area becomes too damaged and we may have to treat the problem with a dental crown instead, which would be a more costly treatment.

What happens during my inlay or onlay appointment?

The treatment for inlays and onlays will require two appointments.

During your first inlay or onlay appointment we will remove the damage from the tooth and clean the area. We will apply a local anaesthetic to numb the area and the dental drill will be used to remove the damage. The procedure will be completely painless and comfortable throughout.

After this, we will take an impression of the tooth. This will be sent to the dental laboratory where the inlay or onlay will be crafted by the dental technicians. Your dentist will explain how long the inlay or onlay will take to come back from the lab, in the meantime, we will place a temporary filling to protect the area while we wait for your permanent restoration to arrive.

During your second appointment, we will remove your temporary filling and fit your new inlay or onlay. This will feel smooth and seamless and will look just like your natural tooth. Your tooth will be protected from further decay, and you will be able to eat as normal.

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