Here are a few genuine comments from our patients about their experiences at Middle Lane Dental. We also have a comment book in reception, which you’re more than welcome to have a look through.

If you are looking for a good dentist, I would suggest you give them a try.

What I liked

I recently called on a Monday morning to register with this dental practice and was offered a choice of appointments, all within the same week. When I arrived I was dealt with promptly, professionally and courteously by the person on reception. The space is clean, bright and spacious. I did not have to wait long to see the dentist. The dentist I saw was very pleasant and answered all my questions.

I am very pleased with the complete service offered by this dental practice and would highly recommend them. They were professional and customer focused from start to finish.

Posted on NHS Choices website

Simply the best dentist in N8

Patient comment book

Great practice, very friendly staff and the most helpful and thorough dentist I’ve had to date. Will make it my new regular practice and will be coming back soon. Thanks very much!

Patient comment book

An extremely skilful & adept Dentist

What I liked

My dentist, who I have recently registered with & have been receiving treatment from, is such a skilful & adept dentist, that I asked them if there was some way to give my positive feed-back on their work. I was, until recently, working as a Business Adviser & the CEO where I worked, always stressed the importance of capturing any ‘Positive Feedback’ that our clients expressed & this is why I was impelled to ask them.if there was a way I could express mine.

This dentist is not only an extremely skilful & adept dentist but also a very friendly person, who immediately puts you at your ease & makes you feel that you are in very ‘safe hands’. They not only resolved the issue I had originally gone to see them about but they had administered the anaesthetic in a virtually painless manner & dealt with my problem so well that I decided that I had finally found somebody that I could trust to deal with the unsightly problem of a broken front tooth that I had been living with for years. I had expected any average dentist to just recommend its extraction but they re-built the tooth so expertly that, when I looked in the mirror, I felt like I was looking at somebody I had not seen for a long, long time.

I am indebted to them & I would just like your organisation to know about the quality of their work.

What could have been improved


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What a delightful practice, nice people, nice atmosphere, good advice, good treatment. Thank you.

Patient comment book

Super. Dr Shah was wonderful and the dental nurse provided excellent care.

Patient comment book

Thank you, Maya – you’re a total star!

Patient comment book



Care Quality Commission

All dental practices are inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Here’s what they said our patients told them about us in their latest report (March 2012):

People told us they found the staff at this dental practice to be respectful and polite and none had had any concerns. They were extremely satisfied with their treatment. They said they had always found the environment to be clean.

Comments included that it was ““fantastic, it’’s clean. I’’m very happy here”” and ““my whole family comes here, we are very satisfied”.” One person described their dentist as ““a miracle worker”.

Care Quality Commission Report on Middle Lane Dental


You can see the report findings here on the Care Quality Commission’s website or download the full report here »

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